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I'm Olivia Joy Jones, owner of Devon Artisan Hub, & before I had my little boy I was also a busy Silver, Gold, Semi-precious bead & sea glass jeweller, stocking my own shop as well as a few others locally & selling on line.

I'm a Devonian girl who left when I was 18 to study Jewellery & Silversmithing at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, & became a part-time jeweller after graduating in 2002. My heart kept me away from Devon after I graduated, living in London briefly & Derby for far too long, until I ran away back to Devon with the help of my amazing parents in 2006.

In 2016 my friend Max, who owned The Gallery Project at Avon Mill, where I worked & sold my jewellery, offered that I take it on myself, so exactly a month later, after so much work, late nights & lots of coffee..I opened in a different building within the garden centre, Easter weekend 2016.

Since I opened so much has happened, sadly mostly unbelievably awful things in my life & in the world.

After worrying I couldn't have children I was blessed to have my amazing little boy at a planned home birth in Kingsbridge in 2018, sadly two months after his first Birthday I found out my wonderful Mum was terminally ill, two months later my beloved Dad died after being terminally ill for over ten years, three months later the whole world felt like it was ending & we went into the first of three lockdowns, at the end of the first lockdown, four days before my little boys second Birthday, my Mum died. 


My shop had to close for a total of six months due to lockdowns, since then we have had so many hits to small independent businesses, I am beyond grateful & surprised I am still open & about to celebrate my 8 year anniversary in Easter 2024.


I absolutely would not still be trading if I hadn't had endless help & support from my 'DAH family' 7 of the artists who not only stock my shop but also help me serve in it, they all helped hold the business up whilst my little boy was a baby & through the difficulties I faced caring for my parents, nursing them before they died & dealing with the awfulness that has happened since.

I am convinced that I had my little boy when I did as that's when I needed him, he has been my savior throughout all the awfulness & the reason why the last few years have been the worst but also the best years of my live. He is the most joyful, sweet, funny, differently odd little person & I'm honored to be his Mum. He is an intentional only child & the perfect full stop to my now tiny family.

Loki (yes I named my son after the Norse God of Mischief & he doesn't live up to it..yet!) will be six in the Summer of 2024 & now he is at school & I am having help with my grief I am back working full time in the shop & have even started making again.

I realised that being a Mum, owning a shop & not having any grandparents etc. to help means I don't have time to make jewellery like I did before, & I'm okay with that, I made jewellery for  so many years before I had my little boy & one day I may have time to get back to it but for now I'm happy working hard to grow my business, & also make the 'Odd Little Things' when I have time; quick, fun little earrings, keyrings, Devon sea glass treasure bottles & Devon driftwood hanging decorations, I'm loving searching through my vast collection of beads, findings & sea finds to see what I can use to make sweet, inexpensive little things & I'm so touched my customers are loving my very different makes these days.               


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