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Founded by Olivia Joy Jones in 2016, DAH sells on behalf of currently 39 Devon artisans, with 6 of them helping Olivia, so you will always be greeted & served by one of the artisans.


DAH aims to be as environmentally friendly as it can, there is no palm oil or SLS in the artisan soaps, shampoos & conditioner bars, & they are vegan friendly. All candles sold are soy wax. Most greetings cards are wrapped in biodegradable sleeves, all bubble wrap is pre-used & donated to us from our lovely local customers. Where possible we will always use pre-used padded envelopes & boxes for delivery, the tissue paper, gift bags, till rolls & sales books are all made from recycled paper & we use brown tape & plastic free Sellotape. 

Featured on this website is just some of the thousands of items there are available in the physical shop, please visit the Facebook & Instagram pages for updates, & if you're in South Devon come to see us for a mooch!

Thank you so much for all the support.


Devon Artisan Hub.

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