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Kenderdine Aromatics, Ivybridge, Devon.

Handmade cherry stone heat bag with removable sleeve, opens out to twice the length. Contains washed & cleaned cherry stones, a by product of the food industry this is a great way to give them purpose.

Use to help soothe tired muscles & heat in a microwave for 45 seconds, remove & agitate the stones, replace in microwave for a further 45 seconds maximum & apply to the tired area. 400g

Initially the product may feel damp though this will stop after a few uses. For subsequent use it is recommended to place a small cup of water into the microwave when heating. If reheating is required only do so from cold.

Please keep these instructions for future reference. To use as a cold pack put in a plastic bag & place in freezer for an hour+. Remove from plastic bag & apply to affected area to cool.

WARNING: Do not leave heatbag unattended when heating it. Do not exceed maximum heating time. Do not use if it is scorched. Replace.

Do not ingest. Keep heatbag away from children

Floral Cherry stone heat bag